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Boosters Executive Board

Carroll Dragon Band Boosters
2022-2023 Executive Board Members

with Assigned Committee Chairs


Paul LeBlanc

  • Trailer Coordinator (Bob Beauvais)

  • CHS/CSHS Bus Coordinator (TBD)

  • Admin

  • Budget

  • Bands Of America (if applicable)

At Large

Devon Doby

First VP (Fundraising)

Brian Piper

  • North Texas Giving Day (Brian Piper)

  • Band Bistro (Vicki Dang Kelly)

  • Trailer Sponsorships (Ginger Forst)

  • Dragon Stadium Parking (Jan Blanchard)

  • Matching Donations (Brian Piper)

  • Skybox Raffle (Angela Mitchell)

Second VP (Marching Season)

Jen Velasco

  • Chaperones (Chris Guinn, Alex Tessnow)

  • Marching Uniforms (Mysti Allen)

  • Marching Uniforms Assistants (Jennifer Velasco, Beatriz Villalobos)

  • Dry Cleaning (Melissa Everett)

  • Marching Accessories (Caroline Inouye)

  • Spirit Crew (Caroline Inouye)

  • Concert Uniforms (Lisa Heistein)

  • Concert Uniform Assistant (Polly Lee)

  • Meals (Zohra Virani)

  • Meals Assistant (Lakshmi Jayadev)

  • Waters (Jeb Lyne)

  • Snacks (Nivi Reddy, Teresa Spiegelman)

  • Weekly Volunteer Coordinator (Mary Dean)

  • Props (Federico Bulnes)

Third VP (Membership Programs)

Mary Dean

  • Pre-registration (Mary Dean)

  • Registration/Volunteers (Mary Dean)

  • Drill & Grill (Jeb Lyne)

  • Photography Liaison (TBD)

  • Composite Photos (TBD)

  • 8th Grade Night (Karla Aleman)

Fourth VP (Program Events)

Laura Crays

  • Senior Recognition Night (Daphnie Pilgram)

  • Letter Jacket Coordinator (Beatriz Villalobos)

  • Band Store (Caroline Inouye)

  • UIL/TMEA Competition (Laura Crays)

  • Band Banquet (Devon Doby)

Fifth VP (Communications)

Ann Charlton

  • Dragon Band eBlast

  • Website - Booster Info

  • IT Coordinator (Cassidy Lackey)

  • Marketing Coordinator (TBD)

  • Alumni Newsletter - Quarterly (TBD)

  • Color Guard Liaison (Trisha Fey)

  • Jazz Liaison (Carla Pulliam)

  • Percussion Liaison (Ginger Forst)


Amy Schroeder

  • Maintain bank accounts and invest. account

  • Financial statements

  • Disbursements & deposits

  • Prep annual budget

  • Tax Returns

  • Coordinate with chairs/directors

  • Support annual audit


Brian Heidebrecht

  • Audit

  • Bylaws

  • Nominating

  • Scholarship

  • Directory (Mysti Allen)

  • Forms (Mary Dean)

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