Boosters Executive Board

Carroll Dragon Band Boosters
2021-2022 Executive Board Members

with Assigned Committee Chairs


Paul LeBlanc

  • Spring Trip (Celeste Lanuza)

  • Special Trips (Celeste Lanuza)

  • Admin

  • Budget

  • Bands Of America (if applicable)

  • Awards

At Large

Devon Doby

First VP (Fundraising)

Brian Piper

  • Band Bistro (TBD)

  • Trailer Sponsorships (Julie Lamont)

  • Sponsorship Shadow (TBD)

  • Parking Concessions (Kara and Jason Mann)

  • Parking Shadow (TBD)

  • Skybox Raffle (Cathy Clarke)

  • Student Trip Account Fundraisers (TBD)

  • North Texas Giving Day (TBD)

Second VP (Marching Season)

Kara Mann

Third VP (Membership Programs)

Mary Dean

Fourth VP (Program Events)

Laura Crays

Fifth VP (Communications)

Brenda Kleespies


Amy Schroeder

  • Maintain bank accounts and invest. account

  • Financial statements

  • Disbursements & deposits

  • Prep annual budget

  • Tax Returns

  • Trip account

  • Coordinate with chairs/directors

  • Support annual audit


Brian Heidebrecht

  • Audit

  • Bylaws

  • Nominating

  • Scholarship


Jen Velasco


  • Directory

  • Forms