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Dragon Band Communications

There are four main means of communications for the Carroll Dragon Band:

  1. Dragon Band eBlast - Email

  2. PRESTO - Email

  3. DIRECTOR'S GroupMe - Text Message

  4. CALENDARS - Webpage

Each form of communication is defined below.

**Dragon Band eBlast - The Dragon Band eBlast is the primary source of communication to all band members and their parents:  marching, color guard, concert only, jazz only.  This communication will be distributed via email every Sunday and most Wednesdays.



**PRESTO - PRESTO is used by the directors to communicate direct information to all students.  Parents and/or individual groups can also receive communications via PRESTO.  This communication will be distributed via email as needed.



Carroll Dragon Band Parents GroupMe - Please join the GroupMe for Carroll Dragon Band Parents.  The Booster organization will use this app to communicate band information to Parents - deadlines for registrations, reminders to puchase tickets, tailgating events and other immediate communication needs.  This communication will be distributed via text messages.  Please sign up for this communication here:

Carroll Dragon Band Calandars - The Carroll Dragon Band Calandars are kept up to date by the directors and can be found on the website at the following locatoin.


Any questions about communications may be directed to Ann Charlton:


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