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Welcome to the Dragon Family!

The Facts

  • 70% of the nation's major universities report that participation in a musical organization is a higher consideration than standardized test scores for admission decisions.

  • Band builds positive self-worth and is a place for everyone.

  • You gain multiple "real world" skills including discipline, ability to analyze, communicate clearly, work cooperatively, lead a team, and more. All skills vital to becoming the nation's next generation of leaders in whatever career you choose.

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  • Band is a family. You truly feel at home.

  • The Southlake Carroll Band Program is successful. From the Finalist Marching Band to the World Championship Finals Winterguard, to the Regional Champion Drumline, to the nationally acclaimed Jazz Program, you will be a part of something special.

  • Trips! Disney Florida, AT&T Stadium, St. Louis, Rangers Ballpark, Corpus Christi, Dayton Ohio, and many more!

  • Hard work. We take pride in work ethic in the Dragon Band. Whether that be private lessons, all-region, solo and ensemble, or just your daily practice routine, success in life finds those that consistently work to improve themselves.

Frequently asked Questions


3. Is marching band required?

The short answer is no. However, 95% of students choose to participate because they enjoy being a part of a successful group that promotes academic excellence in addition to many other skills. The trips, games, competitions, and friends are well worth the time commitment for both students & parents.

1.  How can I be successful in high school band?

Beyond practicing, we recommend enrolling in private lessons if you aren't currently enrolled. Private lessons during the summer are especially helpful. Click the button below for a list of our teachers and contact information:

2.   What instrument should I play in marching band?

2b.  Can I upgrade my current instrument? If so, to what? 

Click this link for an "in depth" look at your instrument. We talk about upgrading your instrument, accessories, and even what instrument to use in marching band. *Take note that some instruments are school provided as indicated right below that instrument name.

4. What class should I join?

Band 1 - this is the only class you are required to be enrolled.

Any student that plans on excelling on their instrument, playing highly advanced music, or just really enjoys band should also join a class called instrumental ensemble.

5. What are the time commitments for Varsity vs. JV marching band?

Varsity commits 8 hours of rehearsal a week September-October. JV does 1-2 hours a week. Both attend football games. Varsity also travels to Competitions in the month of October.

Additional Information

Contact Ken Johnson, Director of Bands, at

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