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Welcome to the Dragon Band!


The Dragon Band is a family

Band is a place to belong. The friendships built in the Carroll Dragon Band program last a lifetime.

The Dragon Band is successful

From the Finalist Marching Band to the World Championship Finals Winterguard, to the Regional Champion Drumline, to the nationally acclaimed Jazz Program, you will be a part of something incredible.

The Dragon Band travels

Disney Florida, Grand Nationals, AT&T Stadium, St. Louis, Rangers Ballpark, Corpus Christi, Dayton Ohio, and many more!

Freshman Year is THE Year for Band

How do you know if you'll like High School Band before having tried it? 95%+ of our freshmen continue on because they love High School Band that much! Odds are, you'll love it too!

College & Beyond

Colleges love Band

70% of the nation's major universities report that participation in a musical organization is a higher consideration than standardized test scores for admission decisions.

Band students are academically successful

Although the Dragon Band is approximately 10% of CHS / CSHS, band students frequently compose 25-40% of the National Merit Semi-Finalists each year. Band students consistently rank in the top 20 members of their graduating class.

Band students are prepared

You gain multiple "real world" skills including discipline, time management, communication, cooperation, leadership, and more. Band students are the next generation of leaders.

Frequently asked Questions


How will I be successful?

Beyond practicing, we recommend enrolling in private lessons. Private lessons during the summer are especially helpful.

Is marching band required?

Yes. All CISD high school band students are in marching band in the fall semester. Marching band is an important part of the high school band curriculum. For students involved in CISD athletic activities that directly conflict with the fall marching season, please email Mr. Johnson to discuss a potential solution so you can be involved in both activities, especially freshman year.

What should I play in high school?

Click this link for an "in depth" look at your instrument. We recommend all high school band students play on a "Step-Up" or better quality

Additional Information

Contact Ken Johnson, Director of Bands, at

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