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Carroll Dragon Band Boosters

The most successful marching band programs in the country share one key characteristic:  They are supported by legions of active, devoted Booster Parents who help the band do what they do.


The "who" question is easy:  The Carroll Band Boosters are all of the parents of all the band students.  If you have a student in the Dragon Band or Color Guard, you are a Band Booster!  The real question is:  What can you do to help?

No student group as large as the Dragon Band could succeed without the devoted participation of band parents who volunteer their time, talent, and energy to help the directors and staff in dozens of different ways every day.  The boosters work like a Super-PTO:  They raise funds to support the band program, and they help keep the band moving at games and contests...serving meals, acting as pit crew to get the band on and off the field, chaperoning bus trips, maintain uniforms, and much more.  Band parents shoot video of band performances, maintain the band website, manage PR and communications, plan the Spring Trip, drive trucks, build field props, you name it.

Every band parent is encouraged to sign up to do something to help the band.  The most successful marching band programs in the country all share one key trait:  devoted Booster parents who help the band do what they do.

Ask any parent who has been active with the Band Boosters, and they'll tell you:  It's one of the most rewarding things you can do with your time.  Active Boosters become part of the extended band "family", forming friendships in the community that endure long after students graduate.  Plus, active booster parents spend more time with their students!  They share in exciting and challenging activities together, and form memories that last a lifetime.

Don't just drop your kid off at the band hall ...get on the bus!


Football Games and Competitions

Refreshment Helper:  Distribute refreshments during football games (water, snacks). Fill water coolers and load them at CHS before the games and competitions.


Meal Helper:   Distribute meals and drinks before games, at 4pm in the CHS Band Hall. Usually 1-2 games per season.


Uniform Distribution:  Check uniforms out and back in for football games and competitions. Assist in ongoing dry cleaning and maintenance of uniforms.


Chaperone:  Ride on buses with students to football games or competitions, distribute refreshments, assist as needed during games and competitions.


Equipment/Trailer:  Help pull band trailers to football games, competitions, concerts, etc. as needed and help with semi trailer. 


Parking:  Collect the home football game parking fees at Dragon Stadium for home football games. Many parents are needed (35 per game), so please help if at all possible. You will be done around 7:30pm and will see most of the game and ALL of the half time show! 


Props:  Assist in transporting and moving props during halftime show.


Other Fall Events

Concert Uniforms (November):  Assist with sizing and distributing concert uniforms (dresses and tuxes) in early November.


Band Directory (September):  Assist with proofing and distributing the Band directories.


Student Trip Account Fundraisers (August - November):  Assist with sales of Dragon Stadium Skybox tickets, Mixed Bag catalog items, or gourmet food items. These are voluntary fundraisers, where proceeds are allocated to the Student Trip Accounts of the student who sells them.


Senior Recognition Night (October/November):  Assist with activities during the Senior Night football game



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