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General Band
Marching Band
Mr. Ken Johnson

Mr. Jon Maynard

Jazz Band
Mr. David Lown

Color Guard
Mr. James Thomas


Band Booster


Paul LeBlanc


Brenda Kleespies


Marching Band

The Carroll Dragon Marching Band is the largest performing group as it combines all band members from the Carroll Senior High and Carroll High School campuses. The band performs at all Varsity football games, various contests and occasional guest appearances.


Once a student has been accepted into the Marching Band, he/she must pass a series of playing and marching tests to be part of the competitive corp.


The Marching Band will include a shadow squad who may not perform in all performances. The shadow squad is an important element of the Marching Band, serving to build confidence and develop skills.


Summer band rehearsals usually begin the last week of July and continue until school starts. Throughout football season, rehearsals will be held Mon-Tue-Thu after school until 6:15 as well as during the student’s designated Band period.



Wind Symphony, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Winds-Green, Symphonic Winds-White and Concert Bands

Membership is determined by audition, overall performance history and directors discretion.


These ensembles perform at least two concerts and compete in the UIL Concert and Sight reading Contest. Additional performances may include one or more festivals and occasional concerts with the middle and/or intermediate Schools.


Members are strongly encouraged to participate in All-Region tryouts, Solo and Ensemble Contests and private study.



Jazz Program

Membership in the Band Program is required for anyone interested in auditioning for the Jazz Groups, with the possible exceptions of piano, bass, and guitar.


Instrumentation includes alto, tenor and baritone saxophones, trumpets, trombones, piano, bass, drums and auxiliary percussion. 


All three Jazz Bands will perform at least two concerts and will participate in local Jazz festivals and competitions in the spring.  In September All Jazz Orchestra and Ensemble students and some Jazz Band students will participate in the UIL Jazz All Region Auditions. In January, Jazz Orchestra will record an audition for the prestigious Essentially Ellington competition in New York City. 



Percussion Program




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