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Freshman FAQs.

The definitive guide to the Dragon marching band.

Freshmen Resources
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Who Does What:

  • Who are the Band Directors?

  • Who is on the Band Booster Board?

  • What are each of the Directors and Band Booster Board members responsible for?


Terminology and Bands:

  • What are all the different performing groups of the Dragon Band?


Band Uniforms and Diagrams:

  • What do the different performing groups wear?

  • What part of the uniform or concert attire will be provided by the school and what will I need to purchase?

  • How and when do I purchase items and when do I get fitted?


Key Information and How to Get Involved:

  • Tell me all the ways that Band Boosters and Parents help the Band and tell me how I can can get involved to help out and meet other Band parents


Year-At-A-Glance (and what it all means):

  • What happens in Band each month and what does it all mean?


Welcome New Band Students and Parents.

Band is NEW, Band is BIG and Band is BUSY.

No doubt you have questions, it's a lot to learn about. 


You can start by reading the Band Handbook HERE. The Handbook will give you detailed information about the Dragon Band, its rules and student expectations.


Then, you can explore the topics below and on the left which will provide you with an overview and explanation of the most important aspects of the Dragon Band.


We are glad to have you and your students and welcome any questions you might have. Most questions can be answered by visiting the website, reading the eBlasts, signing up for director REMINDS (available when school starts) and attending the Band Booster Monthly meetings on the 1st Tuesday of each month. If your questions are not answered by the above, you can reply to any eBlast with questions, email a Booster Board or Committee Chair or reach out to a director. We are here to help. 


Take some time to get to know the Band. Happy reading and welcome!


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Band Handbook

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Leadership Charts
Game Schedule

Competition Schedule

Varsity Challenge Form
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Who Does What

Terminology & Bands

Uniforms and Attire 

How to Get Involved


Meeting Minutes

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Scholarship Application

Executive Board

Committee Chart




General Band
Marching Band
Mr. Ken Johnson

Mr. Jon Maynard

Jazz Band
Mr. David Lown

Color Guard
Mr. James Thomas


Band Booster


Paul LeBlanc  


Brenda Kleespies


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